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Wonderscope is an iOS app for kids that uses Augmented Reality to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories.
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“For parents with younger kids, I've got at least one thing that could assuage some of that guilt about screen time: Wonderscope.”
“What if you could give your child an iPad for an hour and not feel guilty about it?... an app that makes kids smile and feel confident as they read absolutely feels like a win.”
“Because kids look through the iPad to see the story on the other side, Wonderscope won't close them off to the outside world.”
“Wonderscope, a new augmented reality app for Apple devices, reminded me of that childhood feeling, of a kid's imagination ignited by a story.”
“The future of storytelling is happening all around us — we just have to look through the right lens to see it.”
“I couldn't help but feel as though I was witnessing the dawn of a new era in child education.”
“It feels almost magical to watch as suddenly animated characters and scenery pop up all around you as part of ... engaging stories.”
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